moisture-basement walls

wiggieNovember 2, 2012

During heavy rains my basement walls are damp from the floor going upwards. I have french drains but no sump pump. There is a wide hole at the far end and I saw water 'peeing' from a single hole at another far corner. After Sandy, a water treatmentcompany gave me a price of $8,000 to waterproof my bsmt. Job includes, widening the french drain 5 inches, putting down stones, tubing to carry the water and commercial grade sump pump, cleaning the wall and taping water resistant material to basement wall.

After he left, I started reading the various posts and realized that all I need is the sump bump. AM I CORRECT?

Note, gutters are newly installed, plan to re-trench in the spring

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I started reading the various posts and realized that all I need is the sump bump. AM I CORRECT?

One needs a lot more information to determine that.

The first question is where are the drains--inside or outside--and where do they lead or what are they connected to?

"Taping water resistant material" to the inside(?) walls won't do anything to waterproof the walls. Such a setup is used to channel water to inside drains. The problem is that it does nothing to stop the water from getting inside in the first place; and that water may be damaging your walls, even undermining the walls themselves.

However, if all you have are occasionally damp walls, you may need no more than a dehumidifier, especially if the basement is unfinished.

Pictures always help.

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