Major NW Rain: Basement has leak, but walls are dry

homersgardenNovember 7, 2006

This is our second winter in our home (built in 1963). Former owners disclosed flooding when the Portland area had major flooding in 96' but put in drains etc. to solve the problem. Last winter we had very wet weather, but no problems. The carpet and basement show no signs of leaks, floods etc (no mildew, dampness, musty smell etc). In the last few days we have had tons of rain. Tonight we went to one corner of the basement and noticed the carpet was wet. We moved the furniture to find that the entire corner was soaked. We dried the area with towels as much as we could and then pulled carpet back and repeated. We now have a heater there and are running fans, but are unsure of our next step. As I said before the walls are totally dry, it seems to be only the floor.

What should we do next?

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Do a total investigation as to the extent of water damage - if you have dry wall up you don't know if they are "dry" as the damage could be going on behind the wall - if dry wall runs to floor in that area - i would consider cutting some away to determine if in fact the dry wall is wet. Dry wall will wick water into it... additionally it is a perfect setting for mold growth - mold actually thrives on the paper in drywall not the gypsum

Good that you did initial abatement - run dehumidifier if you have one. get on hands & knees and crawl to see if any other corners are affected - if the rug is past it's normal expected life span I would toss it... I'd rather not be worrying that I salvaged and saved a little $ with a rug growing mold - Is there a pad under the rug?

next would be to investigate where the water is originating - Is there a downspout/leader in that location? is it away from foundation/clogged?

Many basement water issues are 2ndary to simple fixes on the outside - Proper gutters w/proper pitch, leaders far away from foundation as possible, pitch of soil near foundation should slope away from foundation, Large plantings close to foundations will attract water...

Good luck

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