support for basement beam?

KelliSeanNovember 26, 2012

Hi while we were working on finishing a section of the basement we noticed the main beam is supported by small pieces of wood and does not go all the way to the foundation wall is this normal? Thank you

Kelli in Alaska

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More pics showing the whole area in question are necessary for a better answer.

What I'm getting from your post is that the girder (3-2x10s) wasn't long enough to reach the foundation wall. So instead of getting the proper length lumber, the builder/renovator rested it on four posts next to the wall; and cut those too short to reach the girder, so stuffed in some bits n' pieces to make up the difference. Not good.

If the built-up post is a substitute for the foundation wall, it should be resting on a footing, not just the basement floor.

Below are several post to girder attachment details. They use a single post, as in a deck. But built-up posts provide the same support. To begin with, they should be snug up to the girder.

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