36" hood w/heat lamps will complete my appliance order: Any recs?

TeeBeeNOLAJanuary 2, 2014

For better or worse, have ordered the following:
BS 36"RNB (hope heat is not an option nor the chipping iron grates)
with a DCS 36"SS backsplash and shelf (have one right now I love)
A 24" Fagor elec wall oven (for small/everyday cooking)
Bosch DW (w/o heat - whatever!!!)
Samsung fridge
Kitchenaid winecooler

SO..... I want a hood that is appropriate WITH heat lamps.
Would do Kobe - but they do not have heat lamp option.
Ventahood has 36" with heatlamps, no baffle
Kitchenaid has 36" with heatlamps, baffles

Which would you pick? Any other options?

I've searched and searched but can't seem to get info I'm looking for.


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I would look at Modern-aire and Prizer. Both will make custom hoods to your specs.
And congrats on the RNB ...I've had mine for 10 months now and absolutely love it!

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I have a ventahood and am pleased with it. It is supposedly quieter than most but when that hummer is going full blast, it does feel noisy.

Cleaned it for the first time this weekend, ie pulling apart the components. Not too messy a job, I am report to please.

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Thanks all. I hope I will love my RNB. I have a 36" DCS. To be fair, it is 9 years old, but currently one burner doesn't work (and yes, I've had a tech look at it) and the broiler isn't working. My new years resolution: fix both b4 I have to sell. I chose not to go with the DCS for those reasons PLUS I do not like the fact it has a "ring of fire" in a way that it is not really good on low for a smaller pot. The BS will be SO different for me - starting with not having sealed burners.

I am not REMOTELY familiar with neither Modernair nor Prizer. I will look them up - sones, cfm's, sizes, pricing. Thanks

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Have had a Rangemaster by Broan with heat lamps for 9 years and am very happy. We have the 1200 cfm external blower over a 36" ag Wolf. Very quiet even on high, and really sucks--you can see it.

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I've had VH with heat lamps for 10 years and am satisfied with them; use them all the time. One observation, we have 21" riser with shelf on Wolf AG range. Nice large landing area but shelf can interfer with updraft from grill on range. Am designing a new kitchen and plan on having a pair of swingdown shelves under heat lamps rather than fixed shelf. Hood is 42"x27" over 36" range.

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I have a Zephyr Tempest II wall mount that has the option to install heat lamps (we don't have them). Three speeds and works very well with baffles.

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