trex under sill plate...picture...?

andrelaplume2November 24, 2009

The photo below shows the closet framing I am doing. Actually, 6' will be a closet with 36" sliding hollow core doors, the second 6' will hide a water heater and water softener and the final 5' will have accordian doors. Note how I built my middle column. Is this OK or should I build a wall perpendicular that runs back and divides the closet from the water softener.

Next, I need to add a column just to the left of the washer infron of the corner of the sink...which may or may not have to eventually be moved over a bit. Well the floor starts to slope her towards the floor drain. I think I am ok where the column goes...its pretty level. My concern of course is water. Obviously I'll use the blue sill seal stuff under the pressure treated wood but then I wondered if it would not be prudent to put a piece of 5/4" trex under the pt wood as elevate it in case of a flood. Is that code compliant, structurally ok...a good idea...foolish????

I am not sure the column is really providing much in the way of support to the 36" holow core doors but it will make the area look more divided.


middle column:

area for second column by drain...use trex under pt wood?

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Water will not harm the PT base plate. The only advantage I can see to using the piece of trex is to help prevent water from wicking up to the drywall should it get wet.


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