Moles in the basement? What the?

amy_d-rOctober 26, 2007

So a month or so ago my husband found a mole (not a vole, definitely a mole) dead in the basement. Today, I was doing laundry and found a live mole. I'm fairly certain it was a mole (no visible ears or tail), but I didn't look at it for very long before I screamed and ran like a little girl... my husband is the one that took it out and he thinks it was a mole as well after looking at pictures of both.

I thought the first mole was a fluke, but now that there's two I really need to figure out how they're getting in. My googling was unsuccessful, so I don't think this is a common problem. Judging from the first mole, it probably couldn't find its way back out once it got in. As far as I know, there are no real cracks or holes in the wall or floor. There is a floor drain, and I wonder if it got up through that. Which means maybe there is a hole in the sewer line, or how else would they get in that way...

Anyone else have moles in the basement? Or have any ideas about how they got in and how to keep them out? The idea of finding a dead mole terrifies me more than a live one, so I'd rather not put out any traps or poison them or anything.

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Check for gaps all around the house at the top of the foundation wall. Use a mirror and flashlight if you have to. Stuff gaps with steel wool, etc. In the interim, you may want to put a screen over the floor drain. Put bricks on the edges.

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Thanks a lot for the tips--will do.


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I've seen rodents enter a basement through the drainage tile connected to a sump pump. I'm not sure how they got access to the tile though. But the potential places to enter is unlimited, they don't need much room.

Other than a cat, the traps, posions and blocking access are the most effective methods of control. If you need any additional motivation just remember, one of the few things worse than rodents. are attracting the animals that like to eat rodents.

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Get the rodents before it gets colder..or they multiply. That's when the real headaches begin.

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