location of filter fabric for french drain

kitaseiOctober 4, 2013

Ugh. A week of backbreaking work produced a deep trench at the correct pitch for a french drain to carry water around the cottage and down the slope. But then, before I realized what had happened, my contractor put in the gravel, the pipe (holes correctly down, again pitched perfectly), and more gravel. What happened to the fabric that was supposed to line the trench, I asked? He insisted that the fabric goes on TOP of the gravel. To me, this is totally illogical as the silt-infused water will be entering the pipe from the sides and below. I think it will also clog the gravel eventually and reduce its effectiveness. Am I right to ask that the gravel be taken out and the cloth laid on the trench bottom? Or will it work almost as well the way it's been done. I've already shelled out several grand for time and materials, but I am trying to solve a serious problem with a wet crawl space. I want to be fair, but I don't want to throw good money after bad either..

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Around basement foundations, I use flexible piping that is entirely wrapped in a geotextile "sock", then covered in gravel. On top of the gravel, I may use geotextile as well.

How effective a deep trench to carry surface water away is over the long term is another matter.

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At this point I think I have three options:
1) take out the pipe and gravel and line the trench with the fabric as I'd planned
2) take out the gravel on top of the pipe and wrap the pipe itself
3) put the fabric on top of the gravel and try to tuck it down the sides as far as we can..

Which do you recommend?

Is a sock different from the fabric material?

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