And now for the ceramic baths

bill_vincentNovember 7, 2005

Sorry it took so long for me to get to this (I had to finish up johnmari's bathroom!) :-) Anyway, here's the ceramic bath thread I promised:

This first one, I can't claim. I did the layout, but other than that, it was my son's first floor by himself, start to finish

One thing in this next bathroom-- with all the outside corners-- on either side of the half walls, by the steps, etc.-- even down the sides of the shower-- the ONLY place bullnose was used was on top of the tile on either side of the window. The rest of it is all Shcluter's stainless bullnose edging. I wasn't too enthusiastic about using a foreign material in the installation, especially when bullnose was available for that tile line, but it's what the customer wanted, and once it was done, I thought it looked pretty nice!

This is the half bath in the showroom I do most of my work for:

Everyone wants to know how to hide an access panel. This is how you do it!!

This next one is also of particular interest. It's a half bath I did in my sister's home about 5 years ago. She was using a 14x14 tile, and the only way to properly do it would have been to center one tile down the middle, and then cut the two side tiles. I decided to switch things around a little-- I used full tiles on either side, and did a row of "diamonds and triangles" down the middle as an accent stripe. Less work for me, and looks great!! EVERYONE WINS!!

I'll let johnmari post her OWN shower!! LOL

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Great work Bill! Thanks for the pics!

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Thanks Bill, loved looking at these also.

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I'll add a couple more to this thread:

Only in Maine, do you have to cut in LOGS in the shower area!!

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Time to add a couple more from this past year:

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Wow Bill. I've enjoyed looking over what you've posted. Great work! I saw your son's install. He's got a good teacher. Is he going into the tile business too?

I was actually trying to see if you did any bathrooms/showers in larger tiles (18 x 18) on the wall.

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Gorgeous work! How long did it take you to do that star?

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How do you keep those tiles in place that cover the entry to under the jet tub??
We have a similar bathroom to the one above with the removable tiled area (access to underneath the tub) but it is done with wood front that lifts up on hinges. I like your idea much better.
Details please : )

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Hey Bill Vincent! Remember me from the kitchen forum a couple of years ago? (You better. lol!)

I'm going to be hanging out in the bathroom forum for a while as we hope to do a minor remodel of all three of our bathrooms early next year. I need all the advice and resources I can get. :-)

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Yes I am bumping this because it has so many to get ideas from and this forum seems to have swallowed some of the others over time.....hoping to help

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Thinking it might be time to upload a new bunch of pics and update this thread. :-)

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