Painting a Clear Vessel Sink

andicat628November 10, 2009

Just wanted to show off my Vessel Sink. I found this clear sink in a flea market for $12!!! Its a $140 sink, I have no idea why they were selling it for so cheap. I knew I was going to buy a thick bowl and turn it into a vessel sink, I just cant believe we actually found a vessel sink. Anyway...this sink was again clear when we found it but thats not what I wanted. So I painted the outside of the sink with 3 different metallic spray paints. Gold, Bronze and black. And then I sealed it with several coats a high gloss glass sealer. I am so in love with it. Its fantastic. To get a sink with colors you have to spend well over $200, many are up to $2000. Im very happy with the results and I just wanted to share the possabilities with you all.

Image link:

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That's an impressive change. Love stories like this. A $12 sink becomes the star of the bath! Your post is indeed inspiring!

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Hi, you were very lucky to find that sink...and talented to make it look so beautiful with just paint. I am looking for a clear vessel sink for my powder room but it seems what I am finding is the clear sinks have a greenish tone around the edges. Would you happen to know the brand of your sink? It looks perfectly clear in its original state.

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