What size dehumidifier do I need for my basement?

dilettante_gwOctober 2, 2010

Hi -- I need some advice about what size dehumidifier I need for my unheated basement in MA. My house was built about 1870 and has a rubblestone foundation. About half of the basement floor has a thin veneer of concrete and the rest is dirt. Up to now, I didn't attempt to run a dehumidifier because it seemed like it would just be a losing battle, but after flooding last spring (like most of eastern MA and RI) and a humid summer, the humidity level down there has not returned to normal.

The basement footprint is 1000 sq. ft. and the ceiling height is just under 8', if that helps. I plan to run a hose from the dehumidifier to my sump so I won't have to empty the dehumidifier tank manually.

Also, if anyone can recommend a particular brand or model that is quiet, reliable, energy-efficient, and designed to run at lower temperatures, I would appreciate it.


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You need a dehumidifier with at least 9 liters a day capacity. Sealing the soil-only portion of the floor will also do a great lot to reduce water vapout in the basement.

Here is a link that might be useful: Choosing a Dehumidifier

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Thanks, Worthy. So that would be about 20 pints, right?

What's the best way to seal the dirt floor -- putting down plastic sheets?

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19.03 US pints. But you should always round up when it comes to dehumidifiers.

6 mil poly should help, as long as you don't walk on it. Better yet, 4 inches of concrete atop 5 inches of gravel.

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Thanks. I'll try the plastic. I'd love to put down a proper concrete floor, but it will have to wait.

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