Vintage lighting? Any value?

sherrizMay 20, 2010

I am renovating our 1952 California Ranch house and want to sell these two ceiling lamps. Does anyone know anything about them and if there is any value? What they might be worth?

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Fori is not pleased

My goodness. Those are awful! I want them both!!!!! Ebay might be worth a shot. Places like are starting to get into the midcentury reproductions so there is certainly a market out there.

Of course you wouldn't be able to reinstall them after a remodel, at least not in the kitchen, with CA's lighting regulations...but c'mon--the pendant in particular is timeless and you could stick CFLs in it. How could you part with it?

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I wouldn't bother with Ebay--put 'em on Craigslist and you should be able to sell them, esp. if you're near LA or SF.

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The first one is amazing, the second a little generic but also has value to collectors of vintage things.

Deciding how to sell something depends on what process you want to deal with and how you value time vs. money. Fastest: take to local dealer. Most lucrative: probably ebay, or craigslist if you start high or put a high reserve on it, but both will take more time and ebay entails risk. Maybe best of both worlds: take the time to find a local dealer who works the high end and maybe also sells on line.

Prices... second one maybe under $100, possibly as low as $20 in a junky store, but the top one could go for $250. But I'll back down if anyone wants to argue with me. And those are the prices I'd pay, not what you'd get if you sell through a dealer (that's usually circa 50%). On craigslist people expect to pay less than they would in a store.


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If these were on 1stDibs, the first one, rewired, would probably top $1000. You should easily be able to get $250 for it.

The second one is similar to a Rejuvenation reproduction, so I would think you might be able to get $100.

I would try eBay simply because it is a national (or international market) and it is competitive. I sold a slightly rusty metal deco machine-age cup dispenser I found in the bottom of my office desk for $85 on ebay with frenzied bidding after starting it out at $1. Some company was doing a post-war era executive lunchroom. Who knew?

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I showed pictures of these to a dealer who offered me $600.00. I think I will put it on eBay with a reserve and see what happens! Tx

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Palimpset, had never heard of 1st Dibs. Signed on to the site which is required to check prices and I assume to purchase. Am I missing something? Seems to be fairly high priced items posted by dealers. I take it this is not a site where you can list your stuff like ebay and craigs list?


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1st Dibs is for retailers, dealers, etc., not individuals.

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Darn, I forget to check this forum for a while and vintage lighting appears! The first one has gone already, it seems. The second is nice, but I sure wish I could have seen that first one. Is it still listed on eBay?

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As it happens...

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karin, thanks! Did you save the pic or did you buy the fixture? Amazing. Kind of a wagon-wheel sputnik. I've never seen one like it -- like a really cool, highly functional missing link :)

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That's hysterical - it never even occurred to me that I could have bought the fixture! Yes, I saved the picture, because I too had never seen anything quite like it. And then oddly, I saw something similar in a vintage store yesterday, but with the bulbs pointing up, and generally not quite as graceful as this one.

Missing link is good... it does represent a unique offshoot in the evolution of lighting.


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