90' wide window well?

giantscale13October 23, 2006


I need to replace a rotted railroad tie window well which is 90" wide. But only 24" into the ground. Iv searched high and low for anything this wide and now understand why it was built from railroad ties in the first place. I even searched for corrugated silos to use a half round section but have not found the 90" diameter and am unsure about how to fasten it to the foundation.

Can anyone give me a source or a recommendation?


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Form it up, put some rebar in it and pour it with concrete.

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I used retaining wall blocks for mine. They look better than metal and are cost effective. If you use them, make sure you include the approriate drainage behind them.

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Find a concrete contractors supply in your area. Most will sell to the general public. You can give them the specific dimensions that you need and a well can be custom made by one of the well manufacturers. They can also give you all of the installation instructions you will need.

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Its kinda late. But thanks for the recommendations. Iv searched again for 'new' railroad ties but can only find 20 year old reclaimed. I am now leaning toward using retaining wall blocks because I think a poured wall would heave at a different rate when the ground freeze's.


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The retaining blocks will also heave. Go below the frostline with the masonary.

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