Best way to clean floor before placing carpet tiles

lisalmOctober 10, 2006

We are almost at the end of a basement renovation. We're just finishing up the painting, and then we'll put down carpet tiles. Before we put down the tiles, I want to clean up the concrete floor. The dry wall dust is everywhere! Really, we should have done this before painting. We've tried sweeping and then using the Shop Vac to suck up the piles. But still, dust remains. I tried a dry Swiffer, a wet Swiffer. The dust overpowers them. I can do a few square feet and then need to change out the cloths.

I am concerned that the tiles won't grip the floor correctly if it is not clean.

Any ideas about how best to get rid of all of this fine dust?


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I'm in the process of putting carpet tiles in my basement.

First I used a shop vac to pull up most of the major dust, then I mopped the floor with fabuloso multipurpose cleaner mixed with water ( according to directions.)

I used a regular old "janitor style" mop, let it dry, and mop it again. This should do it. This should work better than a swiffer. Just make sure after you mop a little bit, dip the mop back in the bucket to clean the mop and get fresh cleaner on it.

This has worked great for me. Good luck!

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I forgot to add, when you are shop vac'ing your floor, don't just vaccuum up the piles of dust you swept up, vaccuum the whole floor. you can't get all the dust by sweeping, but after vaccuuming the floor and mopping the dust should be gone.

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Definitely use a "real" mop, not a Swiffer. After mopping down with water, you may want to go over it again with an acid brush and some TSP.. check the carpet tile installation instructions.

A floor squeegee is very helpful too - I got a shop broom with a squeegee edge on the side, since I really wouldn't use it enough to get a dedicated tool. Very helpful with wet floors, I can just squeegee most of the water out the door.

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