Use for area under the steps?

countryboymoOctober 7, 2009

I am planning on finishing my basement and still am undecided what to do with or how to utilize the area under the steps. Please throw your ideas out and any pictures would be great!



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When I finished ours, the bedroom on one side of the stairs got a small, tall closet (24" deep) with rod in the taller part and some suitcase storage, etc. in the shorter part. Since the wall was framed against the side of the stairway, I used a regular 24" door, such that when it's opened, one can see the the angle of the stairway, with the closet being just below.

The family room on the other side got a 12" deep storage area for games, etc. That wall was also framing against the stairway, and I build a rectangular opening into it. The plan was to add doors, but everyone like it open, so that's how it has remained.

And under the very tallest part of the stairs is our AC air handler closet, which opens to a rear hallway.

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my space is oddly shaped and I think I am leaving mine open. I'll put a desk or something underneath. I'll already have two large clostes and making this a 3rd would feel like too much. I may sheet rock the bottom or not. It depends on what you are using the basement for....for us its a play area so not real formal.

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