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haganincNovember 10, 2007

First time posting here, hello! We recently purchased a townhouse that we love that comes with a master bathtub that we think is just beautiful. Problem is the thing is impossible to use! The sides are very high and very vertical. The tub is also very long meaning if you sit in it with water, you have no way to prop yourself up since you would need to be 7 feet tall to have your toes hit the other end. When in the water you are constantly slipping since your feet have nothing to grab onto and instead have to rely on your stomach muscles to keep from going under water, not exactly the most relaxing position. And since the sides are almost straight vertical you can't lean back either.

Hopefully these pictures can explain what I'm talking about. If you are having trouble with perspective, its approximately 2.5 feet tall (so too high to sit in and rest your arms up top) and is about 5 feet from end to end.

I'm at a loss for how to make this bathtub actually useful, I'm hoping someone here knows of something I could purchase that is made for this type of thing. Any help? Thanks!!!

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Wow, what I wouldn't give for a great soaking tub like that! I understand your problem though. I currently have a plastic blowup pillow with suction cups from Bed, Bath, Beyond that I use as a back prop in my conventional tub. If you want to take up some space in this tub, maybe you could use one at each end. For the bottom being slippery, there are lots of grippy decals you can get at BBB and other places to apply to the bottom of the tub so you aren't slipping. Or, after you've filled it you can plop in a complete mat that has small suctioncups on the bottom that is meant to reduce slippage. Neither is pretty, they're functional for the problem you mention. The first is semipermanent, the second you would have to remove each time because of the placement of the drain in the middle. Are you less than average in height? This might have been installed because the previous owner was quite tall. Anyway, go shopping at the bath accessory stores in your area and look at the options for slippery tub bottoms. There are several. Sorry that's all I can come up with, but glad to see the issues with such a tub as we just had a contractor over yesterday to discuss remodeling our bathroom.

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