New bathrooms!!

ranchrenoNovember 25, 2006

Here are some pictures of our new master bath, kids' bath and powder room. Still need some finishing touches here and there, but done for the most part.


Kids' Bath

Powder Room

Here is a link that might be useful: Ranchreno's Bathrooms

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Looks fabulous. I couldn't help zeroing in on the handheld shower. What brand is it? Are the toilets new?

Did you use 2 medicine cabinets? It's hard to see the first pic. I was thinking of doing something like that.

The powder room is stunning in that colour.

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Thanks! I think they are Hansgrohe. I'll look it up on my "list". I was really just looking for something inexpensive since they're mainly used to clean the showers/tubs and rinse the kids' hair.

Toilets are new. Master and kids' bath are Toto Drakes and in the powder room we got a Kohler Memoirs to match the sink, but I'm already wishing we'd gone with something else.

I did use two medicine cabinets in the master. They are Kohler (re-branded Robern) bought on sale at Great Indoors. They'd look even better recessed, but I didn't get the decision made in time, and they really don't stick out that far.

There are some more detailed shots in the album if you're interested.


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Very pretty, Ranchreno! All new & shining!


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VERY nice, Ranchreno. Don't you just love the pivot hinge on your M.B. shower door? We have very similar one and I like it so much better than having to have those large brackets on the wall that are so visible. Not many people have these yet as they are newer and installers are not all knowledgeable about them.

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Really nice job, love all of the colors. What color is the master bath? Why don't you like the Memoirs toilet?

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Hi Mira and thanks! The master bath is SW Upward a nice light slate blue. I also really liked Krypton which is a touch more gray.

The Memoirs just seems to be prone to clogging. Having a two year old with an affinity for lots and lots of TP doesn't help! Might be fine under ordinary use :-)

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I like the bathroom with the white vanity and light green wall. I am aspiring to a similar look. Where did you find that vanity? It is very attractive.

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Thanks Ratgirl. Both vanities were done by the same Amish custom cabinet place that did our kitchen. Ended up with a great price for exactly the size we wanted. If I had room for a 36" or 48" I would have probably gone with MasterBath from HD who had something very similar.

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Hello - absolutely love your master vanity. We are looking at something similar (on legs) but would much rather try and get the piece made to our specifications. You mention it was Amish built and I'm wondering if you might share who did it for you? We are in the Chicago area with family near Arthur (Amish in central IL).
Thanks and congrats on the lovely bathrooms!

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Beautiful job! I love the colors you chose. May I ask what the countertop is made of in the green bathroom?

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It's all fabulous! I'm shopping for vanities at the moment, and when I saw yours I loved them. I second the question about who your Amish builders are. Can you give out their name? I'm near Lancaster County, PA, so any chance that your builder is in this area? We'd love to go custom and at such great quality! Many thanks.

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Everything is beautiful - nice work!
I would *love* to know the color of your powder room - I've painted mine a burgundy, then a soft green, and right now it's a light mauve. And it's still not right!

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What are the dimensions of the powder room?

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great looks!! could you please tell me the size of your master bath shower?

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By any chance are you still around? Do you know the color of your kids green bathroom paint?

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I love the tile in the MB shower. Can you tell me the name and color of this tile? Thank you.

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