Bathroom paint color?

shelleyibOctober 19, 2006

We are in the midst of some bathroom remodeling. I have included a picture of the shower-couldn't figure out how to post more than one pic. the color of the tile on the floor is similar in color as the tiling in the bathroom. The downstairs bathroom is a half with a laundry room. Both bathrooms upstairs will have the tiling you see in the shower. One bathroom's shower tile is a little bit more tan than the other. Any ideas about paint color? The bathrooms are very small and all will have pedestal sinks and toilets in white. any help will be appreciated.



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What about your countertops? What colors in adjoining rooms? What color do you WANT to paint it? How much light?

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The bathrooms do get alot of light. We have no counter tops and haven't picked out the cabinet for the wall yet. I like earth tones but don't want to go too dark. Maybe a light green? Would it be tacky to do the bathrooms in different colors?

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I always try to think of coordinating an outfit. If you had a cool suede jacket the color of your tile, what would you wear with it? You could be casual & wear it with jeans or a green skirt. You could be dressed up & wear it with navy, black or charcoal slacks (although I don't think I'd paint the walls black but black towels could be cool.)

Try bringing in sheets or clothes of various colors and see what strikes your fancy!

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