Does anyone on *this* board sub to AskArt?

mahatmacat1May 14, 2009

I'm trying to find info about an artist who has a tiny listing on one on the HD board does and I'm too cheap to pay $20 to find out about her...TIA if you sub to it already and would be willing to look her up.

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Why not post the artist's name and see if someone knows from another source?

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Well, I ended up finding some information online about her, and saw one eBay listing (didn't sell) too. Her name is M.K. Jennison (Margaret/"Peg"). So I've got a vague idea, which is enough for me given that my family really likes this little owl pastel thing she did, and it's now right up next to my head on the wall near my computer desk :) I've got it in a great assemblage of three pieces--one serigraph, one 1/1 print, and her little owl. They all work well next to each other because of the vertical orientation in them. So that's all I need to know now :)

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