Master bath

chiefneilOctober 24, 2005

Here's my master bathroom. Everything is duplicated for a "his" and "her" side. "His" side has a vanity, toilet and large walk-in closet (about 9x12), on the other side is "her" vanity, walk-in closet (even bigger than "his"), make-up desk and toilet. You can see that the medicine cabinet has a regular cabinet door instead of a standard mirror door.

Here's a view of the kohler whirlpool tub and DW's vanity. The windows over the tub are glass block and are curved.

Here's the view standing in the doorway of DW's closet. This is looking towards my closet and vanity. "Her" toilet is immediately the right of where the camera is. My closet is so big I have an ironing board permanently set up inside - you see a bit of it in this picture. The floor is natural-cleft quartzite with a tumbled-marble listelle. Quartzite has a lot of natural color variation, ranging from off-white to grey and brown. Some of it is very sparkly/shimmery from the high quartz content. That's the shower on the right. It also has a curved glass block front. You can see the doorway to "his" toilet just beyond the shower. If you walk in that direction and turn right after the shower, you'll exit the bathroom.

Here's a closer look at the vanity. They have curved fronts as well - both the cabinet and the marble surface. The marble is giallo anticato and is on the vanities and tub deck.

Here's DW's make-up table, which is directly opposite from her vanity. It has a small chandelier. In the stock plan for our house this was a linen closet and recessed can light. That's the shower right next to it. There are frameless glass doors on both sides of the shower.

Here's the shower. Lots of controls going on here. The first column of stuff on the left is a showerhead (all fixtures are kohler) and two body sprays. In the next column are a diverter on top and the temperature and volume controls. The diverter directs water flow between the showerhead, body sprays, and the handheld on the far right. In the next column over are controls for DW's showerhead, which is just to the right. The same listelle from the floor repeats here. There are niches on both sides.

The shower is tiled to the ceiling.

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Just beautiful. Really beautiful. I love how you use the curve in the shower as well as in the vanities. And I love that quartzite! I have one piece and I really loved it when I saw it but DH couldn't visualize it...I plan to show him your pics.

Too bad about your tiny space, though, but hey, can't have everything, can you? Or maybe that's *I* can't have everything... ;)

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Thank you for sharing your beautiful room with those of us who are obsessed, or possessed...

I'm sure you and your DW love the space. Enjoy!

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p.s. somehow TBO doesn't sound as cool as TKO...

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Chief, all I can say is WOW! Thank you for sharing - it's STUNNING!!! I'm hoping to achieve a similar look - I've got a bunch of glass block (not curved, unfortunately, as it's going on an exterior wall) and am leaning toward using a quartzite-type porcelain tile (all the bennies of quartizite but none of the maintenance issues). I've been thinking about using some granite or marble on my tub deck as well. If my bathroom comes out even half as beautifully as yours, I'll be thrilled!!

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Beautiful, including all the details! Although I'm not officially TBO, I expect I will be at some point. Does the fact that I like your Kohler faucet (and know what it is) qualify me, or am I safe for a little while?

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Thanks folks, glad you like it. I like everything in my house, but the master bath is a little embarrassing because it's a bit over the top in terms of size (hence my reluctance to post photos sooner). But it's actually a wonderfully luxurious and decadent space. I mentioned on another thread that I don't spend any more time there than I would in any other bathroom, but after 10 months I still get a sense of "ahhhhh" whenever I go in there.

I realized I forgot to post pics of the lights. It's a big space so there's a lot of lighting - there are three wall sconces, two recessed cans, a mushroom over the tub (a recessed can with a bubble cover), a covered recessed can in the shower, the chandelier, and 4-light sconces over the vanities. A big chandelier in the middle instead of the recessed cans would have been a great idea if I'd thought of it sooner.

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Really beautiful..I especially LOVE that bit of marble on the vanity. :)

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Gorgeous! Did you mix polished chrome faucets with brushed nickel light fixtures? There is another thread asking about doing that and it looked to me like you have done that and it looks great!

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wlucinda - I really like the marble too. The piece on my vanity has several veins of crystals - you can see veins of white crystals surrounded by a solid, clear material. It's very cool. The piece on DW's vanity, which is from the same slab, has some medium-sized spots of light red / pale pink, which add some nice color.

Carolyn - the lights and faucets aren't something I'm entirely happy with. They look fine, but what happened with the faucets was that I wanted to upgrade to brushed nickel but my builder's charge was too much so I took the standard chrome. With the vanity lights I was in a more "modern" frame of mind when I picked them out. But about 6 months passed before I picked out the flooring and granite, by which time I'd swung to a more conservative look. I forgot to go back and change my light selection, and didn't realize it until I saw them mounted! So the lights are actually fairly contemporary while the rest of the bath is more classic. Anyway, you're right that the faucets are chrome, and the vanity lights are brushed nickel. The faucets and lights match just fine, it's just that the lights are too modern for the overall look. Fortunately it all looks ok, but if I had a do-over I'd have gotten lights in copper instead, and faucets in ORB.

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Thanks chiefneil! I'm getting the memoirs faucets in polished chrome too because I didn't want to pay the extra $200+ for brushed nickel but am getting brushed nickel lights. I'm glad the two metals looks ok together and am sorry that you don't like your lights. Your bathroom really is gorgeous!

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This is absolutely beautiful! One can tell that a lot of planning and thought went into your project - it truly shows in all the details! Enjoy! :)

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The marble is wonderful. Trish

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Absolutely beautiful ! Is it difficult to care for? Do you use special cleaners, and have you had a problem with scratching? I'm vacillating back and forth between Jerusalem Stone and ES, practical or beautiful.

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Thanks for all the compliments! I use a natural stone cleaner for the marble, so far so good. No problems with scratching - it's not like a kitchen where you're moving heavy pots and pans around. The heaviest thing on my vanity is my electric toothbrush :-)

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Fly - If you like quartzite but are still thinking of using porcelain tiles, Crossville makes a nice through body series called -- aptly enough -- quartzite. Not exactly the same as real quartzite, but pretty darn close with none of the maintenance issues. There's a huge amount of variation among the tiles colorwise and otherwise. It comes in three types - Cream multicolor, Green multicolor and Noce (a darker beige) multicolor, the operative word being multicolor.

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Thanks, arielita's mom--I'll check it out. Neil's photos have such a great look to them I'm still imagining changing our bathroom all around. Are there sparklies in the Crossville? Seems that would be a hard aspect to carry off well...but I'll check on it. I'm so TICKED off about how this is NOT going that I'm tempted to rethink everything. The one good thing that's come out of this is that we decided against the too-small Swanstone shower pan, and I'm going to use all the space we have to get a custom tile shower, gosh darn it. My DH and I love the idea of a shower we can finally share--big indulgence for both of us, as opposed to the bath, which is more for me because of the fibro. So there, contractors who don't show up--you miss a project increasing in value! (sorry, little rant here, Neil, but your beautiful bathroom is the spur for the upgrade :))

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