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sewwhatsnewOctober 4, 2008

I haven't seen many posts regarding bars, we are moving and there is a pretty cool custom oak bar in the basement.

I need to repaint the walls, and am thinking about earth tone colors. Does anyone have pictures of bars in the basement to share. Decorating ideas?? I can post on the decorating forum. Color suggestions?? Wine theme?? Sports Bar?? Hubby likes nascar more than sports.

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I recently finished my basement and included a wetbar. I'd like to share a picture but don't know how?

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Try the home decorating forum. Much more traffic and more photos.

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Here a few pics of ours. I let DH have free reign, so alas the tacky dog picture next to the pool table. After looking at the pics, I realize it's a bit dated now, but it rarely gets used now. Only on holidays and family gatherings. My husband wanted a tavern style basement.

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Thank you for the pictures, I was so happy to see your basement was painted green. Do you like it?? Today I will finish taking down border in our basement, next I'll be priming white, and very soon deciding upon a color. I am considering old salem gray, an olive green which I used in living areas in the last home. It a bright walkout basement with 3 large windows, just need a color to compliment bar, pool table and living areas which are open to one another. Bar stools are a deep burgandy/eggplant color so I will need to find pics or rugs to compliment them.

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I still like the green for that space. Probably would not use it upstairs. DH loves it, he wanted a tavern color and this is a color you seen in taverns and pubs. But, if I were doing something more "elegant", I would go for another color. The Salem Gray sounds nice.

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Not to sound mean, but basement bars ring out "1970s basement." I have ripped out more basement bars when redoing basements than you can imagine. Most will say, they only used them several times in the past 30 years.

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pete p my -- What is the purpose of your post then? The original poster only wanted advice on wall color. Not whether they should get rid of their bar, which is obvious they like. BTW, I attend our local Homerama Showcase and there is always some type of bar in the basement areas. Actually they are very elaborate bars. Yes I know my bar is dated, but it still serves it's purpose.

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we just built our house 3 yrs ago and dh wanted a bar, he always dreamed of a bar, and a pool table area--I figured he deserved it.

So, I have to disagree with pete as well.

He has his mancave decorated as a shrine to the St. Louuis Cardinals and the old stadium :-)

The bar is the hangout at all gatherings kind of like the kitchen island is for those of us hanging out upstairs at gatherings.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Walls are primed, I'm considering this rug, need a neutral paint that will compliment both if I purchase the rug.
Looking for suggestions to compliment light oak bar, fireplace, and built-in cabinets. Would BM Putnam Ivory, or BM Monroe Bisque work?? Or lighter, BM Sandy White??? Or BM Richmond Gold??? I think that might be too similar to the oak wood color.

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