Vintage Bathroom - finished pictures

budge1October 18, 2007

I've waited so long to post these (waiting on fixtures, prints, etc) that I've forgotten most of the details but here is what I remember:

Tile - field tile Daltile 101, trim tile-Banan Appeal, floor tile - 2"hex from Olympia tile

Sink - American Standard Ovalyn (the medium size)

Tub - Toto 1525

Toilet - toto (sorry can't remember which one Dalton or Carrolton?)

Prints - ebay

Cabinets custom made by Sylvain Marin of Marin Construction

Chrome fixtures - Chatham from RH

Knobs and hinges - Lee Valley

Still looking for the perfect towel hooks for back of door (want the Chatham ones from RH but with shipping would come to almost $160 for 4!) If anyone sees them on sale, pleeeeeeease email me.

Couldn't have done it without the help of everyone here. And that is not just a platitude. I had a plan for what would have been a cream and white mess with waaaaaay toooo much stuff going on. The people here and the decor. forum helped me turn that into something that makes me smile everytime I enter. Not to mention the ENORMOUS help on the practical side from the tile and building experts.

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Lovely and fresh - nicely done!

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Love it, Budge! It really came together beautifully. I ended up with the Chatham accessories myself: tp holder, towel rings, bars, toothbrush holder and all the rest. Can I ask about the details for your shower curtain? I have the white hotel one from RH, but I'm finding that the white along with the huge expanse of white tile in my room is a bit overwhelming. I'd like to soften the room wit bluish-green accents, if possible. Anyway, you've done a fantastic job. Enjoy!

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Love your glass jars! Where did you find them? Love the bathroom - is this the one you have posted pics in progress or is this another redone bath?

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It's beautiful and calming. I think I have the same teardrop chandelier sitting on my dining room table. It's going over the airtub. Is the manufacturer AF Lighting? Lovely bathroom!! Enjoy :)

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Gorgeous bathroom.

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Thanks guys. Not sure why the pics are so fuzzy. I think our camera may be shot.

Monica, I did recognize the light fixture in the thread on tubs and chandeliers. It is such a great bathroom chandelier - looks like falling water and is a bit of sparkle without being too girly (not to mention a great price too)

Scottmel, the jars are from a friends shop. I bought them when I 1st started thinking about redoing the bathroom and knew I wanted a bathroom that they would fit in with. I think I've seen similar ones either at RH or Pottery Barn.

tchbls, I would love to see pics of your finished space. Have posted pics yet? The shower curtain is a diamond matelasse. I found it on sale for about $20 but it was a sickly yellow colour. I bought a package of teal and a package of grey Rit dye and voila! it is now an exact match for my Silver Sage door and bath mat. If your curtain is cotton, you should be able to dye it, but you might want to experiment on a cheaper one rather than risk it with your nice RH curtain.

Les, I'm glad you like it. Your advice was so vital in finishing the details.

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Congratulations, Budge! It's just beautiful.

I *think* RH has a 20% off sale on bathroom accessories in January, so you could wait to buy the hooks then.

What color paint did you use?

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Thank you so much for posting pictures of your beautiful bathroom. Your bath layout is similar to mine and I had a similar vision.....that right now is going very wrong. Seeing your pictures did help me to get some of my vision back. Maybe if I show the folks working on my bathroom the lovely pictures of your bathroom they will be able to make mine right.


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CONGRATULATIONS! Job well done - you have soooo much more function and space now - and the atmosphere is very calming
lovely - great job enjoy!

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Beautiful, budge! I like the nice big expanse of mirror and the niches :) It all came together so well.

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Thanks for the suggestion for the shower curtain! No pictures yet; have to finish painting the crown moulding & frame of the mirror. Will definitely try to pull some together very soon. Gosh, this has been a long process! Anyway, your completed bath will be sure to inspire others in search of a look that is clean and classic!

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Just wanted to add some before pictures. You can see why I wanted clean and bright in the redo.

Thanks for the heads up Hoffman, I'll keep an eye out. I bought the other things during their summer bath sale and it really helps offset that 30% mark up they add to all Canadian orders. The paint is BM Titanium on walls and Grey wisp on the door - suppose to be the same as Silver Sage (RH).

Thanks jejvtr. I really owe you alot. I copied so many aspects of your bathrm I should be ashamed, but my fave is our large shampoo niche.

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Wow, your bathroom looks beautiful! If mine turns out half as good as yours, I'll be very happy!
Thanks for sharing.

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What a beautiful tile job! Do you have any pictures of the floor? I would love to see the hex floor as I am considering one also. Your bathroom is fantastic!

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This is the only pic of the floor I have. It also shows my kids favorite part of the remodel, the pull out stool.

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Congrats - looks great!

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Oops just realized paint colour on walls is actually Moonshine not Titanium. We went thru a few paint colours.

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LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!! It looks so fresh and spotlessly clean. Wow!

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Very nice,

I want to do a similar look in my basement bathroom. I have collected the vinyl flooring, a toilet, sink faucets, chrome hotel towel racks, the door, and I saw the 'neatest' vanity mirror at Canadian Tire of all places! Still need the tub, and haven't quite decided if we're doing a custom vanity or not.

Morin- where in Canada are you? I'm in BC.

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Titanium! So *that's* what it looks like in a room with light :) We have it in a hallway that gets no natural's a bit more fog-like. But I LOVE it :)

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budge you should not be ashamed...
but I should be/am flattered!

you did your research, held true to your vision, followed your heart and gave in in order to achieve function. Tell me what is it you should be ashamed about?

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It's truly beautiful! I love your custom cabinet. We are struggling with trying to get our GC to catch our vision for the cabinets we want so those really caught my eye, but I love the whole package. It is so well thought out and put together.

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That's really impressive. I love your tiles! It's a beautiful, clean look. I love your cabinet and tha shower niches.

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That looks great! We're redoing our smaller bathroom (which until we finish the master bath is our own bathroom) and I may steal some ideas. It looks great!

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If you are still lurking around, can you tell me a little bit about your counter top. I love the soft grey color with the white. I'm trying to find something similar for my new bathroom.

Thanks so much!

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Wow. Shows some real forethought. Love the vanity stool and bath grab-bar. Something for all ages! And lovely tile. How are the shower nooks working out? I can't decide between nook or shelf.

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We love the shower niches. And are really happy we went with the larger size (4 of us use this bathroom).

Make sure you get someone who knows what they are doing if you tile the niches. Our tiler was a lame@ss who messed up badly.

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