Hand Held Shower Head - need help

dadophOctober 30, 2009

After much Googling and little success, I'm reaching out to this forum for some help.

I'm trying to find a particular style of hand held shower head and am not having much luck. Several years ago we had one of the original style Waterpik hand held shower heads. This one had a mounting bracket that would allow the shower head to sit lower in the bracket in such a way that the shower head was at normal height, with the handle of the shower head lower than the shower arm.

We need a new one now and I cannot find this design at all. All of the hand held shower heads that I can find these days sit much higher. The end of the handle is at the height of the shower arm, causing the shower spray head itself to sit several inches above the shower arm.

Does anyone still make the older style shower head or mounting bracket? We don't really like having the shower head sit so high.

Any brand is fine, but I've had a terrible time trying to find one.


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