leaking cracks in poured foundation

acc252October 30, 2006

i've had several cracks in the foundation since the home was built approx 3 years ago. several have leaked, but were fixed from epoxy injections...i know have a new crack that leak, with very little rain...the area were the crack is under a deck on the outside, so theorectically little water should be around the area? I am planning to finish the basement, what should I do to prevent any future leaky cracks from entering basement. I do not get any water from the joint space between floor and wall (hopefully I never will). My question is can XPS foam be used to covered the walls, and seal at the bottom so small water leaks would not enter the finished space? any suggestions are greatly appreciated

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You may have had the last cracks from settlement--or not. You might put in an interior drainage system in the area that you already know has the leak. Once water gets in, it has to have a place to drain off, or you'll have damage in the finished wall. Better yet, fix it. At the least, use a crystalline waterproof coating on the inside walls to protect against small cracks. I use steel framing in basements, so as not to provide food for mould growth.

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