Egress Window - Outside wall?

fae14October 8, 2013

We're building a window well with retaining wall block for a future egress window. Should we do anything to the exterior of the foundation wall before laying retaining wall block against it?

I'm debating if we should try to put a layer of concrete over the surface or black water proofing tar, just patch cracks as best as we can (with what I'm not sure, since I think our block has a higher amount of lime than typical portland cement patching mixes), or leave as is and call it good enough. Any thoughts?

Some background: The foundation wall is 100 year old concrete block. Not perfect condition by any means, but not bad considering the age. There's some minor small cracks and dinged spots but nothing memorably bad. Our soil is pure sand with some pebbles about 8-12 inches below the surface. We just had the yard extensively regraded over the summer to address drainage issues and a lot of dirt was removed, including the dirt for the window wells.

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If the wall is not leaking now, dampproofing or waterproofing a two-foot section won't make any difference.

Portland cement parging followed by asphalt cutback is a typical dampproofing. If the cracks are more than surface imperfections, you can patch them with polyurethane injections.

In addition or instead, you can use sections of bubble membrane such as Delta MS over the exposed areas.

The sand there now is the perfect drainage material. Moisture doesn't linger on that wall looking for the path of least resistance into your basement.

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