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bigred2uOctober 26, 2008

We are in the process of another bathroom renovation (we've done 1 w/2 to go). However, this one needs plumbing relocated. Your input is truly appreciated. I'll be as specific as I am able so you have an "image" of what we have. The current bathroom is long & narrow, 11.6' x 4.8' - we are retaining the same dimensions. The bathroom runs west to east (door on east). The north wall is the divider wall between a bedroom & the bath. The plumbing is on this wall. There was a leak w/the shower, behind the wall and we went through the bedroom to repair. When we opened the wall, we discovered that the tub drain was never correctly attached and the water was flowing under the house (no concrete poured in this section either !!).

We would like to move the tub to the south wall with the showerhead & drain on the west facing wall and the toilet adjacent, just to the north but that will entail moving all drains. Once we gut the entire room, do you recommend that we bring in a professional to move the existing drains or is it something we can tackle? We know that we will have to pour concrete anyway to backfill the area where the original drain was.

I'll try to attach a picture. Thank you in advance -

Image link:

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Bigred, you should probably post this at least in the regular forum...not the gallery. Most look here for pictures, not discussions. You may also want to put this over in the plumbing forum.

Personally, I vote for a plumber with this type of stuff. I could probably do it with enough patience, but being in the insurance business I've got plenty of experience with clients with leaks. I also don't find plumbers to be as exhorbitant as people sometimes make them out to be.

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