GE Advantium 120v built in vs cooking in 240v?

spartans99January 14, 2014

We are trying to make some decisions about a second oven and microwave in our kitchen design. We have determined that we can live with a second oven that is combined with microwave features and thought we had a decision made on the GE Advantium. However, since we are looking at an under counter installation (in our island); we are being told we can only purchase the 120v vs 240v. I am interested to know from those of you who have the 120v if you can cook things using the oven features such as casseroles, side dishes, and baked goods with nice results. Some of the reviews I have seen are very dated and I wonder if the 120v has been improved despite its lack of power compared to the 240v.

Our next option is to look at another brand of combo oven/microwave (electrolux or mile?) that would be more powerful but still allow for an under counter installation.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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The Advantium 120 convection oven function (that uses a conventional heating element and a fan) is actually the same as the 240. The microwave in the 240 is slightly more powerful but similar. The major difference is with the speedcook mode that uses halogen lights along with microwaves to cook, allowing the A240 to cook almost as fast as a microwave but retaining most of the cripsier texture usually only possible with a standard oven. The 240v version, besides being twice the voltage, is also twice the amperage (30 amps instead of 15), so it has access to up to 7200 watts instead of only 1800. As GE points out, this allows the speedcooking on the 240 to be twice as fast as the 120. What GE doesn't make clear is that the A120 also relies much more on microwaves to cook than the A240 does (check the published specs for the differences, noting the halogen lamps are much higher wattage in the 240). So food speedcooked in the A120, besides taking twice as long to cook, have a bit more of that soggy microwaved texture, although it can still cook noticeably better than a microwave for many foods. So basically if you want the Advantium mostly for the conventional cooking mode and/or as a microwave oven, the A120 works fine and about as good as the A240; but for the speedcook mode the A240 is substantially faster and cooks better.

Correct that only the 120v Advantium is rated for installation under a countertop, and only the 30" wide version, not the 27". I think some other brands (Miele? Electrolux? Jenn-Air?) allow installation under a countertop with their 240v speed ovens; check the installation instructions. There's also the Advantium 240v over-the-cooktop model, which works very well in all cooking modes, though the oven isn't as deep front-to-back as the wall-oven versions and the exhaust fan isn't as powerful as a good separate range hood.

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