Beadboard/craftsman style remodel

gfoakOctober 15, 2005

Here is a link that might be useful: Before, During & After!!!

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Wow! YOur bathroom is beautiful! Is your sink the Pegasus from Expo?

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gfoak--Your bathroom looks great! What a transformation! We're using pedestal sinks too and I want a little cabinet to put next to my sink like you did. Where did you get your cabinet??

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Thanks y'all - the sink is indeed from Expo and is the Pegagus. The fixtures for the tub & shower are mostly original (tub spout new), and the rest were chosen to match that hexagonal style (also Pegagus).

The cabinet was a great find - I got it at homedecorators for about $140 I think - much cheaper than the Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware variants, and much larger (I wanted to maximize use of the space). I painted it with a "primer that sticks to anything" and then with the matching paint of the wainscotting - it looks a lot more high end with a coat of paint :)


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Oops, sorry Pegasus not Pegagus ;) I wish I could argue that the s and g keys were right next to each other, but alas...

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Wow, you have solved my bathroom problems. My older bathroom is very similar to your "before" pictures and the craftsman style wainscot you did is exactly what I want. Can you help me? How did you do the wainscot? Is it custom? Was it easy to do? Second, the lights: Where did you get those sconces? I love them! Then, I see you have the Toto promenade toilet. I am thinking of either the Toto promenade or the Kohler Memoirs Stately sink and toilet (I really want the two fixtures to match if at all possible). Any problems with the promenade toilet so far? Do you think it flushes well? Any better than a regular toilet? I guess I like the Kohler suite better for looks but I am wondering if I should get the Toto suite for the toilet, even if it is the plainer gravity flush rather than gmax.



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My contractor would be pleased to hear your comments.

a) wainscotting is custom - it consists mainly of a solid piece of wood (ie. not plywood or osb, but something that you could have stained instead of painted, I don't know what it is called), with the vertical pieces nailed on over that, and then a shelf on top to complete the look. To me it looked more classy than the 'cheap' beadboard you see at Home Depot. There are of course other types of panelling that may be easier to install. One caveat was the house isn't square anymore.... making the shelf level, looked wrong! So it takes a little more work on an older home to get it right.

b) The lights are from rejuvenation

c) Toilet - no problems so far, you do have to hold down the handle a second longer than my old one. My contractor was gung ho on this toilet, for erm, forgive me for what I am about to say, but it has a very large 'hole' for waste exitting the bowl. Virtually impossible to clog according to him. We've only had it in there for less than a month, so it's hard to comment more than that. My house is pretty solid so noise from the bathroom was never a problem.

I wasn't locked on matching fixtures - my tub, toilet and sink are all from different manufacturers. The sink I chose because it had a built in backsplash - we weren't sure what else to put 'over and behind' the sink if the sink didn't have a lip.

The only thing I have left to do is swap out the ceiling fan grill with a more ornate perforated ornamental sheet metal - a friend just happens to have a piece that will work.

If anyone knows how to cut sheet metal, let me know hehe!

Oh, and one of my favorite features? Putting an outlet in the medicine cabinet for our toothbrushes and electric razors :)

I'm glad folks like it :)

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very sweet transformation. congratulations!! you must be proud.

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i can't seem to link to your page. It comes up with an art gallery. I'd love to see the bathroom, as I am hoping to install a craftsman wainscot in my bathroom.

Do you have another link? Thanks.

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