Anchorpanel for foundations?

timhoffOctober 16, 2006

Does anyone have any experience with Anchorpanel?

I have an existing grade-beam foundation. The ground floor is an unfinished garage with a finished story above. I want to replace the existing foundation with anchorpanel. My thinking is that I can crib one wall at a time. Knock out sections of the foundation piece by piece, and hang the anchorpanels into the existing trench, from the sill plate.

When one sill plate is fully hung with anchorpanel, I lay rebar, and poor the footing into the trench. Assuming the building department will approve the plans, I believe this would be a huge time and money saver vs traditional foundation replacement.

Does anyone have experience with anchorpanel? I can't get any information from They have not responded to email, and when I called, asking for a reference for a contractor or a reference to someone who has used this system, I was told by Agnes:

1) we are too busy to respond

2) Anchorpanel is usually used with modular homes, because of all the HUD business (see 1)

3) Anchorpanel is strong enough for my application

4) Anchorpanel HAS been used for foundation retrofits and they will email me a reference and contact info of contractor

anyway, they never followed up. Under most situations you say "screw 'em", but in this case I don't see any competing technology. Maybe precast concrete walls, but precast concrete just doesn't seem like as good a system as Anchorpanel.

Any annecdotes or info about anchorpanel would be appreciated.

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