Not happy with new Capital Precision

64reno64January 20, 2012

Im so unhappy that I need to write this post. I was so hoping I would love my range, but so far we are off to a rocky start. One month in and the oven bakes very unevenly with things on the bottom rack buring way before food on the top rack is cooked. And one of the burners stopped working. There is gas coming out, but no clicking, and thus no ignition. I called Capital two days ago and they said they would have a service rep call me. Ive yet to hear from anyone.

Im hoping this is just a bump in the road. I really dont want to regret this purchase.

Any similar experiences, or advice on how to deal with Capital?

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If they have a presence on Facebook or Twitter, they'll for sure listen if you post there!!!!

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Unless you have an electric true convection oven with all the heat coming from around the convection fan, you will always get more heat on the bottom of the oven where the burner is, so it's not surprising that things cook faster on the bottom rack. If you have a convection fan, that will mitigate it somewhat.

Your broken burner needs to be fixed and it sounds like Capital is dealing with it.

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Weissman, I previously owned a 30 year old bare bones kenmore gas oven that baked better than my capital. So far, Capital's performance is unacceptable. The bottoms of cookies are burned and the top of them are barely cooked. And how long should I expect to wait for a service call??

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Average scheduling times for any service company to respond around here is 5-7 working days. "Emergency" service is next day, not same day, and is limited to those who have bigtime issues with a refrigerator. If the manufacturer only contracts with one local service company instead of several (more common with upscale manufacturers), then the wait can be 7-14 days. If you live in the boonies away from the city, then it can be 14-21 days.

Hurry up and wait is a fact of life for whatever kind of service you need. I waited 7 days for the cable guy to replace the squirrel chewed wires at the pole and another 7 days for the meter reader to come and correct his reading. Heck, even on my car, although they saw me that day, they couldn't do the repair until the part came in two weeks later. I replaced the heating element in my dryer myself and adjusted the burner to my range myself. Getting handy on minor things is easier and less frustrating than waiting around for a service person.

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Call Capital back and ask them for the service company assigned to you. Then try contacting them directly. It can't hurt. As GD points out, it can take a while. I had similar delays when I had a service call when my range was first installed. I called Capital and then assumed that they would send the retailer I bought from since they had a very capable service department. After a couple of days and my retailer still hadn't heard from Capital, I called Capital. It turns out they had assigned it to another service company. So I called that company. It turns out that the other company was waiting for a part and were waiting for that part to arrive before they called me. I told them that it would have been nice if that had reached out to me when they first got the call from Capital to at least set my expectation. I did get another call exactly one week from my first call to Capital and everything went fine from there.

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fyi - you can light that burner manually with a match or lighter until they fix the ignitor.

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I don't get all!

Would u wait this long if ur car didn't get u to work? Work that paid the bills? Work that paid for the range? I'd be pi$$ed! Maybe an extreme example but....

A match (or lighter) on a $10K+ range?? Sure, I guess so...if I had to. I could also use my outdoor grill. Maybe I could rub two sticks together to get fire. And...let's not discount that his 30+ year old Kenmore was better, in his (her) opinion and in his (her) cooking environment.

BTW, DIRECTV has 24 hour service calls - guaranteed! Why wait on the cable guy?? 7 Days? Yikes. I'd dump that real quick and switch to DTV.

I have a Benz....I take it in, get a loaner car and pick up mine by 6 ( hasn't ever needed anything but routine service...but...if it did....I can't imagine 7 days on parts...I guess it could happen...).

Is everyone really OK with this type of service? Who's on first?

I am on the fence between BS and a CC and I can't find recent BS issues like this so I have to think that BS stepped it up and Capital may be growing too fast.


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I do agree that bs service over the past year or so seems to have eclipsed capitals. However to be fair, in this case I think it is more neglect from the service company than from capital.

Michelle: I am envious of you. First you mention that you are thinking of a 60" bs, and now you tease me with a benz?! :). What kind of benz do you have? My dream is an SL once my home is complete, but it will be used as I couldn't afford new, mostly cause I am a huge "house a-hole" and am already over extending myself on that.

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I think we're all used to waiting for the service tech to come to the house for a repair...but I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a telephone call from either the manufacturer or the service company to at least confirm the need for service and to schedule the repair....preferably within 24 hours. You may still have to wait 3, 4, 5 days for the tech to show up.

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Thanks. I will call Capital and get the name of the service company.

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I'm a bit surprised Trevor did not "Jump in Here"---- perhaps He only "Culls the posts" for the Culinarian????

Capital is also keeping "Mum" on this one too, as far as
GW goes.

I sure hope they haven't hired
the "Former Blue Star Customer Support Group". (LOL).


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Dodge... From what I can see the OP called Capital 4 working days ago. As noted above what happens is this

1) Capital takes the call.
2) Finds a service company.
3) Sends parts for the fix.
4) Service company receives parts.
5) Service company calls customer to arrange a visit.
6) Service company goes and repairs the range.

Possible scenario....Lets imagine for that the customer lives on the east coast.

1) (Wed) Calls Capital late afternoon after USP has been and gone (West Coast).
2) (Wed) It's to late to call service company due to time difference.
3) (Thurs) Call service company sends parts UPS 3 day.
4) (Tue) Parts arrive in the afternoon.
5) (Wed) Service Company opens parts.
6) (Thu) Calls Customer to arrange a service call.

(Could be the customer lives in CA which would be a slightly different story from the above)

We must remember also that service companies are extremely busy people due to the number of service companies in relation to the number of broken appliances from all manufacturers, further they are generally small one / two man companies. It could be a further 5 days until he can actually make the service call. Normally service companies don't call customers until they have parts in hand. We must remember that service companies are specialist at what they do, how longs does it take to see a medical Dr, Dental, Dermatologist Dr, Car repair company and so on, certainly not a couple of days.

But I do agree a call to let the OP know what is going is not unreasonable. BUT did capital say "The service company will call when they get the parts?"

I have always told customers the real truth, there isn't a service company sat at the end of the road parts in hand ready to fix you range, hood, DW or Ref. It takes time for things to happen, posting after two days is not the real world, I totally understand the OP is upset and rightly so, but a measure of reality has to injected here. Time may better have been spent calling capital last Friday (20th) after two days than waiting until the Mon (23rd) I would recommend the OP call capital if they haven't already and ask what the heck is happening, this applies to EVERY single manufacturer.

As it happens I did email this thread to Capital yesterday and received the answer below at 11:58 am EST.

I can not find anything on this customer with out the last name. I have tried different combination.

OVERALL ... Sometimes Sales People promise to much the real world is above.

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Just to update, for those researching Capital in their purchasing decisions:
Capital sent the initial repair request to a service company that dropped the ball. They were very apologetic and found someone else to come right away. He was out of my service area, and I think they paid him extra to do my job. He fixed the broken burner easily and also adjusted all my burners - very knowledgeable about Capital, too. He liked them a lot. As for the evenness of the oven, there is not much to be done. The oven floor is much hotter than the top of the oven. I was baking cookies on all three oven racks, and getting horrible results, with convection. Apparently, I just can't do that with this oven. Not sure why they would include 3 racks if they cant all be used at the same time. So i've adjusted the way I use the oven, and its been fine. It bakes well, as long as I keep cookies off the bottom rack. I do like the Precision and have no other complaints and Capital was responsive and apologetic. I feel comfortable that Capital will resolve any future problems and I don't regret my decision to purchase it, especially considering the price I paid: 2800 after rebate for 36 inch gas 6 burner.
Hope this helps.

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Have to chime in and say I also have a new Capital Precision, and thus far I love it. I do find the bottom rack in the oven gets very hot, but I like that feature as it makes for great pizzas.

I generally use the to racks closest to the middle. The oven is not as spacious as my old GE, but I like the convection feature a lot and the chicken I roasted this weekend was fantastic, crisp skin, yet juicy, flavorful meat.

I did need to have the burners adjusted, which my appliance dealer took care of. They were burning way too hot, but once adjusted, I can simmer with ease, yet the wok burner gets smokin' hot in seconds. I am so happy with this range, I hate to discourage people.

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I can't believe this, but as I was cooking dinner just tonight, another burner failed!!! No clicking sound and no flame.
Off to call Capital again tomorrow. The timing of this is unreal.
Is there a history of this with Capital Precisions?!?

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If there is gas, it sounds like it could be a grounding issue with outlet behind the range or the range itself. Maybe a burner head got a little loose in shipping and its not completing a solid ground. Burners are pretty simple devices, it must be something dumb.

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