Some basement insulation questions

franktank232October 13, 2009

What would i gain on a 60's built home with NO exterior/interior basement insulation (just some batts around the rim joist) IF i just insulate the exterior with 2 inch foil faced foam board from the siding down a foot into the ground??? 24 inches total... (i'd cut a sheet length wise).

ANy ideas if id save much?

... I don't care to keep it very warm every (maybe 60F tops?)...

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Aside from being ugly and leaky, it won't do anything for the air infiltration at the rim.

Better to spend the effort and money taking out the existing batts, then carefully sealing around the joists and between the rim and the foundation and putting in XPS, EPS or isocyanurate boards, followed by drywall or other acceptable fire stop materials.

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Hmmm.... Good to hear... i didn't feel like digging anyways :)

I think the only way to get this right is with a new construction.

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After thinking about it and doing some searching, maybe you are confused at what i'm asking... This link is exactly what i want to will be ugly until i cover it, which i plan to do.

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Covered, it's not ugly. And it does have good insulating value. But the system you linked to also provides perfect cover for termites to access the delicious wood framing. In Maine, it might be okay. For most of the rest of the US (and where I am in southern Ontario) not so good. Plus, I'm not sold on HardieBoard underground. Cement fiber boards used in some SIPs are used below grade. I can't find anything on HardieBoard's site approving that use.

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