monarch range

needinfonowMay 21, 2010

Can you tell me what year my monarch range was manufactured? Style # F189R Serial EE6549

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Contact this place

Monarch Range Parts

Nor-Mon Distributing, Inc., is the national distributor for genuine Monarch range parts and stocks parts going back to 1910. Contact:
Monarch Parts Department
C/O Nor-Mon Distributing, Inc.
1134 SE Stark Street
Portland, OR. 97214-1337
Phone (503)234-6215 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (503)234-6215      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Fax (503)234-2891

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I am not looking for parts. With the style and serial number I gave, I want to know if someone can tell me how old it is.

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Fori is not pleased

Yeah, Ideefixee! See the name? You're supposed to provide an answer, not offer advice on how to find out! :)

This person needs info NOW!

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Hear, Hear. Go easy! Ideefixe was not going to do your dirty work, but gave a friendly tip. First off, no photo was posted. However, a style and serial number was supplied. Ideefixe suggested the poster go to the site of a repair parts supplier and there one might discover the year when this style was procduced.

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I have the same problem only I don't HAVE the make model or serial number on my old Monarch wood/electric stove. It s creamy yellow with marblized panels, drop style handles on the oven and two doors covering the business parts of the wood stove and storage area, four burners on each side, and a warming shelf. no clock or timer, but there is a 220V outlet on the back, and two 110V outlets. Someone has removed the plate over the electric box where I am guessing the ID would have been.

Any ideas? I have googled my brains out on this one!


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I have a monarch electric range model 15C, could anyone tell me what year it was made. Also the oven is on the right side, was that unusual

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When I saw this title, my first thought was monark butterflies and their migration. Silly me.

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Apparently if you8 have a Monarch Range, you are not smart enough to use the phone....even when the number is given!

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