Zenspirational bathroom

patrice607September 24, 2006

I was going for the zen look but probably landed closer to Sedona. At any rate, I'm pleased with the results.


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really beautiful tile work, patrice. Can we have a closer look at your vanity?

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Beautiful bath and Sedona lives on long after zen dead and gone for me. Sedona's good. Too much zen is tiny win.

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It's really lovely! I love that vanity, too. You've got guts going for marble - are you concerned about the constant exposure to water? I'd love to do that in our powder room! I noticed your new toilet, the Aquia. Our new one is sitting in the garage still. Are you, hopefully, VERY pleased with it?


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Very nice! Smart idea to make the more specific design references temporary (i.e. pictures) so you can change them out as you want.

A question: do you like the solatube? I'm planning one but it's waiting until the budget recovers, at this point, since we had people do the drywall for us...are you among the legions of folks who think it's definitely worth it for landlocked bathrooms? And I have the same question arline does: do you like the aquia? Would you recommend it?

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arlinek -

I had the marble treated and they unconconditionally guaranteeed that they would replace it if anything happened. I Love, Love love the solatube!!!! It's great to have sun pouring into the bathroom! I'm going to put another one in another landlocked bath.

Flyleft - Very pleased with the aquia. I like the idea that it's conserving water and I like the style.

Annkathryn - I'll try to get a better shot of the vanity. I'm a neophyte at posting so please be patient. i don't know why the one I posted doesn't fully load.

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patrice607--I really love the listello in your bathroom! Do you recall what tile it is?

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I love the wall tiles and listello. Can you provide the name? and is that marble for the shelves of the niche? Very Nice!!

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patrice - Did you frame your medicine cabinet? I really want to do that!!! Did you make it? Where did you get it?

I love the marble. What's the name please? Why is it "gutsy" to use marble on a vanity? I thought it was common and I was planning on it.

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