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gildomiloOctober 10, 2009

I have a 3" round hole from an old pipe in my foundation wall. What should I use to patch it? It's directly below the basement window and has caused some of the surrounding cement to become loose and crack. I'm thinking I'll remove all of the loose stuff and patch everything at once.



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I'm thinking the pipe is not longer there?? Is not in the way??

Various products. The hole is not a structural issue.

Sakrete makes a concrete bonder and fortifier. This helps bond new concrete to old concrete. So you clean up your hole, paint some of this on the thick edge, mix some up in your new concrete, and put your new concrete into the hole.

You can also put some steel mesh, or a little rebar pressed into place - to help hold the new while it dries...

Sakrete also makes specific concrete Patch products. Available at most fine wine hardware stores everywhere.

Here is a link that might be useful: HD sells Sakrete concrete products

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Gee - that link doesn't seem to work well, when you haven't gone thru the search engine of HD.

Product Manufacturer: Sakrete
Product ID:185642
Product name: Concrete Bonder and Fortifier

Patches also exist. Sold at numerous Hardware stores.

Online at HD - main page - type in 'concrete' in search window. Under 'category' - now click on 'additives and sealants'. A large helpful variety of products...

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Thanks. I removed the pipe from the wall this weekend. It was a fill pipe for an old oil take. The pipe wasn't sealed properly and allowed water to run into the basement. I don't believe the hole poses a structural problem as it's right under the window opening. I'll have to head to HD tomorrow and checkout the sakrete products so I can get patching.


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Here's a link to a photo of the foundation after cleaning all of the loose cement out. I'm thinking I should probably build a form on both sides of the fall and apply the patch that way. Anything special that I should clean the existing concrete with? Any special concrete?

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo

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Concrete or mortar.

Dampen the old concrete before patching.

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Gil -

You probably should clean that a little bit more. If you have a wire brush which you can attach to a drill - to get more of the dirt out...

It seems to be a good idea to create a form on both sides. I actually find that HOT hot glue works quite well for some temporary things... might hold a board up on your open side quite nicely.

Also - you can very inexpensively rent a concrete drill, and drill a couple of small holes and insert some rebar vertically.

As far as bonding - just be sure to LIBERALLY paint on the Sakrete Bonder and Fortifier as mentioned earlier. Follow the directions and mix some into the concrete mix.

You'll be good to go in no time. Thanks for the photo.

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Thanks for the advice. I have the supplies and hope to get it all patched up tomorrow. Have any advice on installing a new window? I guess I'll post another thread for that.


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Gil - I hope this all goes well for you.

Yes - I've installed windows... in basements even.

Is the window that is going to be installed, a new energy efficient window with a nailing fin??

Or is it the old window which was removed? Possibly with a frame which had been poured into the concrete?

A new window might be easiest. I'm not an expert at installing windows. I do a LOT of reading 'how to' books. Pick them up at Hardware Stores. A lot of "Windows & Doors" books exist. STANLEY produced one titled: "Complete Doors & Windows" published by

Only $20 US I have a few other window books as well...

Anyway - the basic foundation - is to have a Square opening - about 1/2 larger than the Nominal Window size for height & Depth. Sometimes I make that opening just slightly smaller than that... you don't want it any larger. This allows 1/4" on each side of the window for play and shims.

Your basement opening will probably not be totally square. Do you have wall studs in your basement? Didn't look like it from the photo - but you could - the photo concentrated on one area...

Anyway - if you have wall studs - the new window frame Rough Opening - can be attached somewhat into the framing.

If no wall studs - the basic procedure is still the same for a basement window.

1. Create a Rough Opening Window Frame which is SQUARE - and about 1/2" larger than window nominal size.

2. Insert into window opening. Shim if required - to make fit tight to concrete wall - and so that the Rough Opening Frame fits level into the Concrete Window Opening.

3. I have used GLUE and Silicon Seal Adhesive to bond the rough opening frame to the Concrete - but you can also use a concrete nail gun like what Remington produces - to shoot concrete nails into the concrete to hold the frame...

4. After the Rough Window Frame is installed, and set (if you used glue, and have no wall studs to help attach) - then set the new window into the rough opening, shim level - and screw (or nail) it to the new rough opening via the window nail trim.

5. Fill any gaps between window and rough opening, and concrete and rough opening frame - with LOW Expansion Sealing and Insulating foam...

6. Apply Window & Door Sealing Tape (by Protecto Wrap) to the Window Nailing Fin and the Rough Opening Frame. You can cut the width down if it is to wide for your requirement.

7. Take Window Trim Boards and Trim up your new window.

8. Done.

I have attached a link to photos of a window in a basement which I installed. Major House Remod. We changed out all the windows. A window company told me - we can't change those out - there in concrete... Anyway - one of the photos shows one of the typical old windows which had been cast into the concrete - which I removed. The others show the new window roughed in, a new window which is going somewhere else (you can see the nailing fin) /wall studs on walls, etc. Then the finished product - outside and in - after all trimmed up...

Like I mentioned above - you DON'T have to have wall studs on your basement wall to put in the window... My wife and I have been working on this house for about 5 years. She grew up in it; and we're finally almost done. Basically rebuilt the entire house. Just the two of us...

Here is a link that might be useful: Installing Window

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