Traditional Cherry Bath - Steam Shower

kompySeptember 21, 2005

After 4 years, I've finally gotten around to posting some pictures of my master bath. We have an older home (1910) and we added a master suite on top of an 1960's flat roof addition. The walls are actually a warm grey (taupe), but in the photos, they look kind of pinkish....I think due to the reddish stain. I didn't use a flash for these pix.

We love our steam gets used daily! On winter nights when I just feel cold to the bones, I take a steam....and all is good in the world.

One interesting note: Our linen closet opens up on both sides (peninsula design)....inside our bath....and also into our second floor laundry room. It recesses into what used to be an exterior window. I love this design! I can take the towels out of the dryer and put them straight in to the linen closet. My 3 1/2 yr. old loves it too :-)

Here's the info:

Vanity: Holiday Cherry w/ Autumn finish; Lancaster door

Vanity top: Matte finish cultured marble w/ detailed edge

Makup top: Absolute black granite

Mirrors: KraftMaid Cabinetry - Cherry w/ Autumn Blush finish

Lights: Rejuvenation Lighting

Tile: Florida Tile (porcelain)

PS No decorating yet....any ideas? I was thinking of adding an over-the-commode cabinet....or maybe a nice framed print. I'd like to get some nice window treatments too.

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I don't usually check this page, and I don't think many of us do. So few bathrooms get posted.
I'm glad I looked tonight. What a beautiful bathroom! I never even considered a steam shower, but you make it seem like a wonderful idea. And I particularly love the look of your linen closet -- it's so elegant.
It's an inspirational bathroom.

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Wow! How lovely!

Like snowbaby, I haven't been checking here very often, so I just stumbled upon your post. It's stunning!

Thank you very much for taking the time to share.

Would you be able to give more detail about your 2nd floor laundry and linen closet? We are embarking on a similar project, and your set-up sounds so innovative!

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Thanks snow and write,
Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, write4rx....I've been so busy at work lately.

More on the linen closet:
The master suite was an addition to the house. The wall where the linen closet is, there once was an exterior window. We had the contractor cut away the area underneath the old window. So, basically, we had a tall opening. It gets kind of complicated because our master suites steps down about two steps from the second story of our's sunken, if you will.

Anyway, I ordered a tall linen closet with doors opening on both sides. The linen closet slid into the OLD window it is flush on the side of the laundry room.

Because we had about 12-14" of space underneath.....I put in a separate little drawer and then the baseboard to fill in the gap.

I hope I explained it well enough. Let me know if you have any questions. I own and operate a kitchen and bath design I can recall the details pretty well. Although, I was 9 months pregnant when I did was a crazy time.

One thing I would do differently: I would have two hand-held shower heads, instead of one hand and one regular shower head. It's so nice to sit in the hot steam....and use the cool water of the handheld. My DH and I have to share it sometimes. Other than that, I love my bathroom.


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I forgot to mention. The lower set of doors on the linen closet fits my laundry basket that's where we put used towels. When it's time to do the laundry, I just go into the laundry room and open up these doors. :-)

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Really nice design. I can tell that a lot of thought went into this. Can you post a floor plan?

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Gorgeous! I love your color scheme, that is how my dream bathroom would look! I was wondering, what are the dimensions of your pony wall, the one concealing the toilet area?

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Kompy- could please share w/ me your paint color?? i've been looking all over for a color like that. TIA!

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Sorry, I haven't checked back here in a LONG time. Knee wall is 42" high. Paint color? I can't remember. I was Sherwin Williams before they changed all their color names. It's definitely a 'warm grey' color.

I'll try to post a floor plan.


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Kompy, your bathroom is gorgeous! Great job.

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Jean Popowitz

Your kitty coordinates with the bath! Would love to see the floorplan. Lovely bath!

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I love your bathroom. My kids who live in a similar house to yours did a similar thing. They used fruitwood. I love your cherry. It lends a richness to it that is unsurpassed by any other texture.

I love prints in the bathroom. I took a mirror out (had three) so I could put a large print over my vanity area. I used "September Morn," which I think is quite bath-friendly. In the "water closet" area, I used a print from Grace Darling in the famous boat struggle.

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I'm finally getting around to posting my layout. I did this from memory, but it is really close. It's a very compact design, since we had only a certain amount for the master suite.

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This is an exquisite bathroom! I love your linen closet idea. We have a cabinet door in our laundry room that opens into our master closet so the laundry bin can be accessed easily. There's also a little passthrough window between my teenage son's closet and the laundry room, but even that doesn't insure that the dirty clothes find their way into the laundry room instead of onto his floor (sigh). Love the kitty cat in your pictures, too.

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Thanks Weegie. I usually hang out in the kitchen forum, so I just saw your post. It was fun to re-read my son is now 6 1/2 and my kitty had to be put to sleep last year. She was 17 and not in very good shape near the end.

I like your idea of the laundry hatch! I've always wanted a design like that. An upstairs laundry room, with access from all the walk in closets. What a concept!

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Love your bathroom...! I wrote before but being new I don't see it posted. But if you would could you tell me the color and type of tile used on the floor and shower walls. Also what brand is your shower doors?

Thank you!

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Hi Diane,
It's been a few years and I can't recall the color. I have some left over pieces in the basement. When I get home this weekend, I will post the info for you. It is porcelain tile from Florida Tile. The tile was made in Europe, if I remember correctly. The lighter flooring does not show a speck of dust!!! It's been great.


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Love the bathroom! Can you share some things about matte finish cultured marble? Do scratches show up more or less than the glossy and is it more expensive?

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The matte finish cultured marble has been great. I don't notice any scratches at all. In one brand the matte did not cost more, in another brand, it had a 10% upcharge.

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