wierd smell like soy oil coming from concrete?

msulli1October 15, 2013

I have ground my concrete floor with a 150 pound machine, completely removing all adhesive that held down carpet tiles. It was damp from trapped moisture vapor underneath. I put sodium silicate to seal it. I hoped this might seal the moisture, and this odd smell of soy oil, which is even in the walls and concrete floor that wasn't covered. I wonder if it could be some oil spill in the ground? It used to be farm land some 10 years ago. Or something come up from mines below? Anyone ever come across this??? If I put carpet tiles back down, no adhesive, after about a week, some dark oily stuff starts seeping up out of the concrete... Thanks.. Mark

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The concrete has to be completely clean for sodium silicate to penetrate. When I've used crystalline waterproofing on brand new concrete, the walls had to be first etched with muriatic acid, then thoroughly washed down. I suspect water vapour is still coming up through the concrete and turning to water under impermeable carpet tile backing.

As for the odour, soybean meal is a widely-used animal food. Maybe your home was built over a storage area for same on the farm your home is built on.

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thanks worthy,
I think I may try going over it with muriatic acid,.. it does seem like it still has efflorescence and maybe adhesive just below the surface where the grinder couldn't clean out.. and the sodium silicate didn't penetrate and bond,... do you think muriatic acid with work now that sodium silicate as been applied? ... and I assume I will need to reapply sodium silicate? and is there any hope sodium silicate will actually block enough moisture vapor after the acid wash to allow the plastic backed carpet squares to be applied..? or will I need more than sodium silicate? or have to go with an open weave no back carpet? ... or put down ceramic tile? thx

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I would check with the tech department of the sodium silicate supplier you used on your next step.

Muriatic acid in an enclosed space is an extreme danger without self-contained breathing apparatus. And, despite the barefaced, barehanded yokels washing things with muriatic acid on YouTube, it's nothing to mess with.

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