How to Post a Photo--should be a sticky

IdeefixeMay 31, 2011

You'd think this forum would get an FAQ.

In order to post a photo, you need to use an internet photo hosting site, like Photobucket.

Once your photos are on the web at a host site, you can start a message on this site, then open your photo site and copy the HTML code for the photo you want, then move back to this site and press paste (or control + v).

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Wow, I've never known how to do that, thankyou so much!!

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You know, this would still be near the top, if no one replied to it. That's what makes a sticky--sticky. Why this site doesn't have an FAQ is beyond me.

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Why not start over with a new thread, and ask that people not reply in the Subject line (and probably again in the body, lol). A lot of people that post are new, so they might not realize if no one replies it will stay at the top. Also perhaps of worthy mention is the test forum for practice.

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