Bathroom Remodel

terri_pacnwSeptember 24, 2005

I love my shower curtian, so I picked the wall color from it. It was the only thing that stayed in the redone bathroom.

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I love that curtain

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Great job. I love the color.

(I hope you kept the boys from the "during" picture, though!) I always enjoy seeing pictures of them.

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Cute and fresh looking

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Very nice Terri.
Did you do the tile work yourself?


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Gheesh MOM....Boy are they gona hate that pic when they are older....Lol...and there might be pay

The bathroom really looks so bright and shiny...

Don't you hate going through the remodel....but the finished product is always so nice.


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Can you explain the process of doing your walls? The whole room looks fantastic. What a change.

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Can you give me details on your tub? It looks nice and deep.

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LOL I guess it's a bit confusing, that I didn't label the pictures.
The "old" paint job was that "wash" with the rub on stencils.
The old look "washed" walls were done with a base coat, and a medium shade watered down with just plain ol water. Wiped on with balled up plastic shopping bags, and wiped off with old towels torn up.
The walls were basically destroyed by removing old very heavy and very well glued vinyl wallpaper, so I tried to take advantage of the "texture".
I loved the walls before, but I'm in the "streamline" process of my life, and so the bathroom walls were smoothed out, some parts of the wall board replaced all together, and retexturized. I just decided this time to have the walls match a color in my very favorite shower curtain. No extra splash of color.

If you are asking about the "hall walls" the plumey, cream. That was done with 3 colors using twin rollers.

The tile Lori, is very expensive vinyl ($3.50 sqft) Armstrong. LOL I love the look of does look very very real! And because it's 6mil vinyl it feels fabulous under foot. (However, I didn't know anything about vinyl and price. I was told to get thick. Just saw it and loved it so bought it. I'd not spend that much again though. LOL) I found the same quality for my kitchen on sale for $2.39 sqft. Another stone look too.

The bathtub is a Kohler. We got it at Home Depot. I believe it was around $750. I had to get a tub that fit in a "normal" tub space, and that had a side apron. It is about 21" deep has 8 jets and cleans up easily. (Well except that I practically fall into it to clean the far side, because of it's depth! LOL

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How wonderful! Thanks for sharing your bathroom! Such a nice job and such cute kids!

I am thinking of getting an HD Kohler whirlpool tub, as well. Which model is it? Are you happy with the jets? Is it comfortable? Did you get the optional heater?

Thanks again!

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I'm not sure which model, I picked it out at the store with my GC, and his guys put it in.(I just said yeah that one.)
The jets are adjustable and easy to turn off individual ones or turn the pressure down, and the nozzels are moveable too.

I didn't get the optional heater. My children are a little older, so we popped up the water heater just a touch, and told them that they need to start with cold and add hot til the water is right.

I find the tub comfortable, as well as my husband who is a big guy. The reason we went with this tub over the less expensive version was the depth. Him being a big guy, he needed to get DOWN IN the tub. LOL I believe it's 21" deep.

However, we are not using it as a jetted tub much.
It's begun rainy season here, I have a high water table, and septic. I just can't see draining that much water into it often.
My younger two take baths in it, with bubbles. I fill it to just at the jets for them.

However to keep the jets and tubing from germies, I fill to 2" above jets and do a cleaning solution (outlined in owners manual) every few weeks. (or I will, I've only cleaned it once, so far, because it's not even been in a month.)

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Here's the tub link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jetted tub

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