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javaandjazzMay 17, 2010

I bought an old clear green depression glass cookie jar and the metal tin top isn't bad but I would like to clean it up by repainting it. Should I and can I find that kitchen green paint in a spray can? Thanks!

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No don't repaint....if you want the cookie jar to look new, buy a repro.
But I don't know of a plain green glass that had a metal lid....could it be that there was a glass lid that got broken and was replaced with a tin lid from something else? In which case since the lid isn't original it's wouldn't hurt any value to repaint.
Can you post a picture?
Linda C

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Oh yeah....I've seen them and the lids were meant to be metal, because they screwed onto the glass jar. I don't know who made them, but they always struck me as looking like something Hazel Atlas would make. Do not paint that lid.

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Kitchen Glassware of the Depression Years by Gene Florence 3rd edition has large sugar container that is called Zipper Pattern, It is round looks almost like a Halloween pumpkin with the 'zipper" ribs going up the sides & metal lid. It would make a perfect "cookie jar" Manufacturer was Sneath Mfg. Co."Quaker" pattern (called zipper by collectors) it was priced at $85 in 1987. There was a pickle jar that was taller with metal lid & bail type handle for about same price. It was more "pickle barrel shape" only 2 similar to what you sound like you have.

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Thanks, I decided not to repaint it. The top is original and it's probably made by hazel atlas.

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