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BluestersAugust 23, 2005

I am having trouble with my bathtub faucet, the handle (or Ball) that you lift to turn on the water and then turn right for cold and left for hot I am having trouble with.

When the water is on I can turn the ball to the right for the cold water but when I turn it to the left for the hot water it just won't turn to the left and just a little stream of hot water comes out. I recently dropped something heavy on the Delta Ball and I was wondering if this had something to do with it. I just don't see how by dropping something on the ball handle it would affect the ball from turning left. Does anyone know what might have happened?


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You've posted your message in the photo gallery. Try re-posting on the discussions side for some answers. Actually, try re-posting on the plumbing side for mechanical issues.

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