help! water coming in thru hole in basement wall

portland_renovationOctober 22, 2009

Hi All,

Sorry I don't have a picture to share. I need some help and advice -- hard to describe w/o a picture. I have a 99 year old house with some vintage plumbing. As a part of our remodel, I had all the plumbing replaced and new water line bored in from the public main because the old pipes were corroded and the water pressure was very low.

The line was bored in from the street, and came into my unfinished basement, straight through the wall. There is about a two inch area around the new water supply pipe where the concrete was damaged. Living in Portland, it rains A LOT (!!) and during the last storm, the street flooded and water started pouring in through the hole where the new pipe was bored in. It was literally coming in by the bucketful.

I'm assuming I have to concrete around the pipe to seal off the hole, but I have no idea what to use. Also, do you think I need to excavate around the foundation/basement from the outside and patch it from there, or can I just patch it from the inside?

I called my plumber who did the boring and he has no idea what to do. He says he is happy to pay for all the materials, but has no idea what to use, and how extensive the repairs need to be. I'm super annoyed that they left a huge gaping hole in my basement and now don't know how to fix it, but there's nothing I can do now but try to keep the damage to a minimum. On the bright side, my water pressure is now great! In fact, I have too much water coming into the house, like from the huge gaping hole in the basement...


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You can do an immediate repair with hydraulic cement. A longer-term repair might involve the use of foam.

Some kind of plumber!

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