Formula 409 etched our marble

annaleefAugust 8, 2010

Our cleaning lady unthinkingly squirted 409 cleaner in a swirling, random pattern on our shower floor, which is a mosaic of tumbled Dark Emperador marble. It dulled down the finish and looks sad. It is just abut time for us to re-seal the marble, but first we have to figure out how to revive the floor. We read that baking powder might help, but it did not make matters any better at all.

Any practical fixes? I e-wrote to the company that sold us the material to ask, but they have not responded.

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that sucks cus 409 actually makes a really good clear granite and marble spray cleaner which is my favorite of the ones I have tried recently and is gentle.

My marble vanity top was installed already etched and duller (look and feel) even compared to my wifes vanity (opposite side) of same marble.

Have asked the fabricator/installer why this is and they have said they can maybe do something but haven't yet.

I thought maybe the polishing process they do was not done as much on my piece, that or maybe the installers used something on it, not sure.

They can't do the fabrication polishing process once installed as it uses high speed water but there has to be something to restore marble finish/polish.

I have tried traditional granite/marble polishes for use after you clean it but that only helps a little. It needs something stronger like probably removed and taken to fabricator to have them re do the official polishing process with high speed water and whatever else they do but hopefully not thing out my vanityt o0p too much.

The etching I figured is just the normal look of this marble but probably isnt't right either and was either a used slab/piece or who knows what.

Let me know if you find out anything to restore and shine up and polish marble and I'll do the same.

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