Bathroom Shower Remodel Surprise....Ahhh...The Horror

ottoreniAugust 1, 2010

You walk into my bathroom and on the right side is a small towel closet, vanity/sink, and toilet. Last week I took that side apart removed the floor tile up until it touched the shower and tub.

On the right side is a soaker tub and shower. Yesterday I took off the tile in the shower. WOW, awful surprise. The two walls of the showe had no vapor barrier or waterproofing. Lot of moisture damage. The drywall had what appears to be mold on it and the lower part of the insulation had mold too. The steel studs had lots of rust Ripped most of it out yesterday.

Now my questions.

First, the floor of the shower is a FLAT concrete floor. NO slope. NO waterproof membrane. It is still damp after no use for 3 days.

Do I build a mortar bed with 1/4" slope per foot? Then install a water proof membrane? Then a mud bed for the tile with a 1/4" slope per foot also?

Lastly, how do I remove the current shower drain? I have removed the steel grate on top, but do I need to chisel at the concrete surrounding it? Or is there a pvc pipe I can connect to it to raise it for the new sloped mortar beds?

Whew, I'll stick to those questions I have many swirling through my head and have watched and read too many videos that all seem to give differnt info.

Many thanks,


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Hi Andy,
It sounds like an absolute nightmare- you're very lucky that no one became ill due to a previous owner or builder's neglect. That's all I have to offer, but the gallery side of this forum won't help you very much. Repost over on Discussions for the maximum number of readers. I'd also cross post on plumbing, but Bathroom Forum experts Bill Vincent and Mongo should be able to help you out! Good luck!

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