Leveling a basement ceiling

bobby_cOctober 6, 2007


I am finishing off one part of our basement, I'll be drywalling the walls and ceiling. While I'm not sure how far it is off, I know the joists in the ceiling are not level and I have a couple of questions:

1. If the joists are off just a little, is leveling necessary? If this is the case, how much is 'little'? Again, I'm not sure but I'd guess there's a half inch or so off in places.

2. Assuming I need to level it, what is the best technique? I'll probably rent a rotary level to assist me but once I find where things are off, do I sister a block of wood on the joist or build up the lower joist directly?

Any tips are appreciated!


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You could attach 3/4 inch strapping perpendicular to the joists. It would probably easier than running the blocking parrallel to the joists

You could stretch strings from one side to another and see where you are out of flat.

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Snap a line on the walls to give you the reference points for the strings.

On old homes with true 2x10 joists, the drywallers have leveled by trimming the low points down with an ax.

I'd rather shim or sister than losing even 3/4" when there are other approaches. Especially if it's my own home and speed isn't of the essence.

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