Shower temp flickers between hot and cold... cause?

janejanelJuly 26, 2014

I just renovated and put in Hansgrohe thermostatic shower trim for my shower. I'm mostly happy but for two things....
1) Oftentimes, the water temperature will "flicker" between hot and cold instead of staying at warm. This hasn't bothered me that much, because while it is definitely noticeable, it flips between hot and cold quite quickly, and the hot is only hotter and the cold colder (as opposed to scalding and freezing). I have not seen this issue online re: Hansgrohe products, so assumed that it had something to do with the building water supply (I live in an apartment building)... but recently spoke to a family friend who is a contractor and he said that that shouldn't be caused by the building. Anyone have any idea what might cause this?
2) The knob that turns the water on (volume control, I believe it's called) when turned off, swings a little past the 12o clock position. This is super minor, but I notice it, and if there is an easy way to adjust it....

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any help from the smart people out there?

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