wet bar question

jgarzasrOctober 20, 2009

I am finishing out my basement and plan on building a wet bar. I am going to start out with a 2x4 framed wall - but was curious how far out to build it from the wall? I just am not sure how much isle way would be comfortable for a bar? Also my plan is to use some off the shelf cabinets to butt up against the 2x4 wall. For the bar area against the wall I was also thinking of maybe a couple cabinets (one for a sink) - with some shelving, and of course a mirror and glass rack. But my main question is the distance between the two? Anyone with a wet bar give me some ideas? Hope this makes sense - Thanks.

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Ours has 5.25 feet between the back bar and the main bar. Considering that cabinets run 25" (with countertop overhang) you'll need approximately 10 feet to the back of the second wall if I understand your question. For our use, the 5+ feet workspace has been a very comfortable behind-the-bar space.

Linked are photos including a schematic. Hope this is helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Basement

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thanks for the reply. I like the pics of your basement - sweet. So from what I can see - you basically have another kitchen for your bar. I had thought about this also - like the cooktop to do burgers or something... did you vent that out?

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We entertain frequently and eveyone wants to tend bar - the space has been very adequate unless trying to do heavy cooking at the same time. Yes, a full second kitchen. The cooktop is a downdraft unit and is vented outside. We have the interchangable drop-in units for a griddle, grill or 4-burners. We've grilled steaks / seafood, griddled bacon / pancakes, etc. Works out really nice for large gatherings. And, when I get ready to remodel the main kitchen, we will still have one.

If you scroll below the individual photos, I have added information for many. This may be useful. Good luck and enjoy the final result.

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