Need help identifying age/ retailer 'Ellis' on Japy Frares clock.

stuartbe2012May 14, 2012


i have an old clock,

on the mechanism is a stamp written "Japy Frares & C - G Med. D'Honneur" could anyone please give me some information regarding the age of the clock mechanism from this stamp?

also on the face of the clock is the retailers name "Ellis" i have searched the internet far and wide and the only thing i can find that slightly matches is "Tiffany, Young & Ellis". does anyone by any chance have any info on the retailer "Ellis",

all you help would be very much appreciated,

i would upload some images but im not sure how to on this post,

thanks again,


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"Japy Freres & Cie Grd Med. D'Honneur." means it (the movement) was mads some time AFTER the company (Japy Freres) won the Grand Medal of Honor (which they did at the Paris exhibition in 1855) ... they also won a medal in 1867 - what is the date on that stamp?

Japy founded one of the first mass-production clockworks factories, and sold just the movements to various companies who put the works into clocks of theiur design ... and then the clocks were sold on to others who often had them marked with their shop names.

Thus you can have a clock with a movement marked Japy, case marked by John Doe, and the whole thing marked "Baily, Banks and Biddle".

They were usually sold to high-end case makers and eventually sold by posh retailers, so they are well worth tracking down.

Pictures of the clock and the marks would help narrow the date a bit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Japy Freres

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The "Ellis" of Tiffany, Young and Ellis retired before Japy won the medal, so it's not that Ellis.

That leaves you a lot of possible small jewelers and shops who could have sold it in the US, Canada, or the UK ...

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