drywall underside of basement stairs?

andrelaplume2October 19, 2009

I want to leave my basement stairs open but an thinking about drywalling the underside. I can attach a fir strip to the side rails....it would not exactly sit flush because the actual stairs pertrude out a little past the rail. A long enough screw should secure the fir though, no? Would a stip on each end be enough to secure the 3' wide peice of drywall. Is this just a bad idea? nce done I could cover the drywall edge and gap with a piece of molding...

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36" between drywall screws is too far apart.

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..so another fur down the middle....?

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That would be better.

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the easy way would be to just attach thin plywood to the bottom of the stringers using construction adhesive and 8's.. if you want the drywall look, you can attach 1/4" or 3/16" drywall to the plywood.

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