Wet Basement

cileOctober 10, 2010

OK, 55 yr old ranch home with block basement walls. Water leaking on one wall of basement at juncture of wall and floor. It hasn't rained in over 6 weeks here and it seems to be getting a little worse. Water bill is consistent, no mushy lawn outside. There is a faucet outside on that wall and sump pump is in corner on that wall.

I was wondering if it could be from broken pipe going from discharge in house to sewer. Would it be detectable to put dye in toilets, sinks, sump pump, washer etc. to tell if the leak has come from inside to outside. My only thought would be to have a plumber with camera see what's going on.

Your thoughts?

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Try some detector pills. Then the camera. The line may have to be snaked out to check for cracked pipes. And the snaking itself may cure the problem, as the effluent can flow more freely rather than settle and leak.

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