marilyn_cMay 10, 2011

Does anyone have a book on Staffordshire figures?

What can you tell me about this? Thank you for your help.

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The smudge in the middle of the base are remnants of the old price sticker.

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I can't feel it not what kind of 'ware" it is....but I don'
t think it's Staffordshire...I think it looks Japanese.
Where did you get it?
Linda C

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I don't think it is Japanese. The face on the boy and cow are typical to ones I've found on Staffordshire pottery sites.
I bought it from a woman who got it at an estate.

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To me, it looks like the staffordshire pottery that is called Pearl Ware. I found a figure of a dog that had the same base.
Pearl Ware is a little less "primitive" than some of the other staffordshire. Also, staffordshire was made by many different was mainly the name of an area...I think. Early pieces aren't marked. The boy's hat is open, so I was thinking spill vase...which is for little sticks or cones of paper to transfer fire to lamps.

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The eyes, the softness of the molding, the brightness of the gold and the strange colors make me say "made in Japan...sold with a sticker which is now gone.
But again I( am not touching it and feeling the weight and the roughness of the unglazed portion.....which is also not typical of old Staffordshire.
Linda C

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Spill vases would have been in use mainly before 1850 before friction matches came into popular use. There are lots dated later than that of course but that was the prime period.
Frankly I think It looks more like a candlestick.
It's just not typical...the molding too soft, the colors not right, the features look a tiny bit "Asian", the glaze a little too shiny and the bottom atypical. Sorry if that's not what youw anted to hear. but you asked...

There also were a lot of Japanese porcelain figurines...unmarked...but made of porcelain not pottery. I saw them all the time at auctions when I first started buying some 45 or more years ago. I haven't seen any lately. Your piece looks very like those.

But whatever....just remember a rose by any other name smells as sweet....if you like that's all that counts.
Linda C

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I dunno, I think the cow on this site has rather "Asian" features, as do my Stafforshire dogs although that orangey color is more what I think of and yours looks more reddish, but that could be your camera.

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Early Staffordshire figures crazed little, if at all. That greyish even crazing suggests your figure is either not Staffordshire or is a 20th c. issue. However, the high gloss that your images seem to show would not be typical to 20th c Staffs.

The extreme lack of detail and colour also suggest that this figure did not originate in the Staffordshire potteries. And the eyes. Well, Staffs eyes ARE pretty funny looking, as if an 8 year-old had drawn them on. Staffs eyes tend to look either like "Charlie Brown" character eyes, or have a strangely feline feel. This object looks almost as if an academic had tried to paint in the primitive manner. I'm not sure it's Japanese but its likely date of manufacture, lack of detail and hastily applied colours would support a 20th c. Japanese origin.

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