exterior waterproofing

columbusgardenerOctober 7, 2007

Here is my situation:

The western wall of my home is always hit with the most amount of rain water. It then dips off the exterior in the general vicinity of the wall as well. When we built I never thought about the water that might be absorbed in the space between the first floor and the waterproofing at the soil line. We are considering finishing the basement and while we have never had any water problems I think it might be in our best interests to waterproof the outside.

I have thought that a drip ledge installed right on top of the waterproofing materials and then putting an exterior grade waterproof paint on the exposed masonry block. Does this sound about right? Anyone have any suggestions as to what "paint" is the best for this kind of project?

Thank you

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Most interior water is the result of improper grading on the exterior of the house. Could be your guttering system needs to be tweaked to take the water further from your foundtion.
Go outside during a rain storm and take a good look as to what is going on.
Is your water table low? if so this would be another cause and require a sump pump, but I suspect this is not the case.

The slope on the outside of your house may just need to be adjusted. Easy to fix and no need to dig up the foundation soil.

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actually there is no real water - just when we have a shower the space between the house and the grade line gets wet I can see where it could be a problem. Below the grade there is no dampness - and I have never had the sump pump turn on.

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